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Do you want to plan your dream trip to India? 

You’ve come to the right place. 

I know (from personal experience) that India is a part of the world that holds a special appeal, and calls to some of us. Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of taking that trip to India most of your life… I know I had.

But travel in India hasn’t always been easy. Between working out where to go, where to stay, how to avoid getting scammed, and what to expect from travel in India, it can be hard to discover India’s truly incredible spots – which go far beyond a trip to the Taj Mahal.

My Mission on Soul Travel India is to help you plan a truly bespoke and memorable trip to India that gets to the heart of this country: Its incredible people, culture, diversity and nature. Expect off-beat gems, sustainable travel and inclusive travel experiences, suitable for the whole family. I highlight eco-friendly, immersive and community driven tourism options wherever they’re available.

On Soul Travel India you can expect in-depth India destination guides, India travel itineraries, how to plan your trip to India, and plenty of India travel tips.

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about Soul Travel India | Ellie Cleary

Hi, I'm Ellie...

And –  like you  – I once dreamed of going to India.
(I still do!) 
Since first travelling to India in 2015 , like many others, I fell in love with this country that had called to me for as long as she could remember.
Since 2015 I’ve been travelling to India every year, spending weeks and months at a time trying to experience as much of this sub-continent as I could. Some of my favourite memories include living in Mumbai, hiking in Ladakh and training-it around Rajasthan.
Travelling mostly solo in India presented many opportunities, challenges and moments to fully experience India – and I share my insights and learnings through my blogs here on this website.

Through Soul Travel India, I share my own India travel experiences and help you plan the trip to India you’ve been dreaming of.

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Ellie Cleary is the founder of Soul Travel India and Soul Travel Blog. She has a passion for helping travellers discover the lesser seen sides to India and promoting sustainable, community tourism in India. 

Ellie’s work on sustainable tourism has been featured in Lonely Planet, the New York Times, Travindy, Dame Traveler and many industry leading publications. 

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