Best Places to Visit in Delhi For Kids (by a Local)

Are you planning a family trip to India and wondering which the best places to visit in Delhi for kids are? Worry not – we’ve got you covered in this guide to the best things to do for families in Delhi, with plenty of kid-friendly activities, places to eat with kids and tips on some of the best family friendly hotels in Delhi too – read on!

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The Best Family Friendly Places to Visit in Delhi

While Delhi may not be the first destination that comes to mind when planning a family trip, there are lots of fun places for kids in Delhi (and for adults as well!). Many members of our India travel Facebook group have planned family trips to India and had an amazing time.

Not only is India an incredible place for adventurous kids to visit and experience a culture that may be very different to the one their used to at home, but India has to be one of the most kid-friendly destinations in the world, with family taking centre place in society, and well in pretty much everything!

This post is written by local Delhi blogger and Mum, Rachita Saxena of, where you can read more about her travels.

A city with a rich history, beautiful historic buildings, and buzzing markets. With the right approach to travel in Delhi with family and an open mind, India’s capital can be a truly magical place to explore for the whole family. The best Delhi with kids has to offer includes incredible history and monuments, museums, markets and street food, great restaurants, shopping and even some nature, too!

Keep reading to find out my top tips for having the best family trip to Delhi including where to stay, what to do, where to eat and how to get around!

Why Plan a Family Trip to Delhi?

Delhi is a place with history, chaos, amazingly good food, and adventure!Experiencing Delhi with kids can give you a lifetime worth of experiences if you know what and how to explore!

It has some beautiful architecture and adventure parks that will please both adults and kids. That’s not all, there are many weekend getaways from Delhi to some really amazing hill stations in India, that you can include in your Delhi family itinerary as well.

Continue reading to learn more about all the places you can visit in Delhi as a family!

What to Do in Delhi with Kids

Beyond all of the usual top places to visit in Delhi, here are some of my favourite attractions to explore with little ones in tow. Depending on the age and tastes of your kids, you can tailor accordingly.

The Jantar Mantar

This is truly an architectural masterpiece. This building was specially designed to facilitate the astronomical readings of time, and older kids who are interested in science and astronomy are sure to love this.

Take your time to truly understand the reason behind its making, it’s very interesting and will help to understand more about Indian history as well.

The India Gate

Located at the end of the Rajpath in the heart of Lutyen’s New Delhi, the India Gate is Delhi’s war memorial. It was built in memory of all Indian soldiers who were massacred in World War I.

India Gate also has a Children’s Park of 10-acres where you can find a library, musical fountain, theater, and amphitheater, along with games and toys. Surely your kids will love to visit this place – it’s a great place for them to learn about India’s history too. Although there’ s no information on display, it’s a good place to tell your kids stories about India’s recent history. You can also look back up the Rajpath towards India’s government buildings.

Pro tip: the best time to visit India Gate is around sunset!

Kingdom of Dreams Amusement Park

Perfect for younger kids, or simply for when the kids have had enough history, an entertainment park such as Kingdom of Dreams can be a great option to keep all family members entertained. The Kingdom of Dreams lies in the outskirts of Delhi (Gurgaon) and is a childhood fairyland. Traveling here is definitely worth your time and effort!

At the park, you will find many different stage performances which will be lots of fun for your kids.

Furthermore, Culture Gully should not be missed. Here one can find several restaurants based on the culture of different Indian states, along with a crafts village and street performers.

To enter the Culture Gully you have to pay $10, which can be redeemed on food.

Humayan’s Tomb & Isa Khan’s Tomb

If you love Mughal styled monuments, Humayun’s Tomb and Isa Khan Tomb are great places to visit.

Although Humayun’s tomb is a popular spot, Isa Khan’s tomb is located in a quieter corner of it – and the grounds are large enough to ensure that it rarely feels crowded here. So there’s usually plenty of space to take your time to wander around with a guide or on your own and fill your kids in on Mughal architecture & Delhi’s history.

It is also a good spot to watch the sunset and the octagonal Isa Khan Tomb offers a nice backdrop for family pictures as well.

Qutub Minar

Located on the southern edge of Delhi, the Qutub Minar is part of the Qutab complex, an impressive UNESCO Heritage site. This is the tallest building in the world made of bricks, a fact that will impress and intrigue your little ones!

There are some fun photo opportunities here, of your children holding the minaret or running around it.

Pro tip: stick around to watch the pigeons fly over the Minar, it’s a sight to behold!

Akshardham Temple

A relatively new addition to Delhi’s Hindu temples and just recently completed in 2005, Akshardham temple certainly packs a punch when it comes to size and sheer impressiveness. Apart from being a marvelous looking structure, there are engaging activities inside this Swaminarayan temple which make visiting a fun family experience.

Furthermore, there are several statues and robots that add even more life to this place and will keep your kids occupied.

Pro Tip: Try to visit here outside of weekends, as it can get very crowded with visitors on Saturdays & Sundays, with long queues…

Safdarjung Tomb

Another amazing place to visit with your kids is the Safdarjung Tomb, which was built from sandstone and marble in 1754. This mausoleum is a great place to introduce your kids to the intriguing Mughal (Indo-Islamic architecture) architecture and sees fewer visitors than Humayun’s Tomb.

There is also a park here where you can enjoy a nice picnic with your children.

Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Finally, there is the Okhla Bird Sanctuary Park, an easy day trip from Delhi. You can spend several hours watching over 300 different bird species.

You will especially find several varieties of waterbirds here, it’s a beautiful place and a great way to introduce and teach your kids about different kinds of birds.

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Where to Stay: Best Family Friendly Hotels in Delhi

Delhi has lots of accommodation available. From budget stays to expensive hotels, there are many options to choose from, with some great options for family hotels in Delhi that your kids will love too.

Some of the recommended options below are in Gurgaon which provide more space, and larger rooms, and some have facilities such as kids clubs, but are about a 30 minute journey into Delhi by metro (longer by car in traffic). If you want to stay in the centre of Delhi itself, then choose the Delhi city hotel options over these.

Below you can find my Delhi accommodation recommendations, all these properties are great places to stay for both yourself as well as your kids.

The Trident Gurgaon

Trident is hands down the best place to stay if you have kids! It has a Kids Club where your kids can join in fun activities like crafts and baking.

There is also has a game room, library, and a pool so you can relax, while your kids have fun in the game room.

Furthermore, there are no charges for kids under the age of 8. Finally, on Sunday’s the Trident has brunches where children can eat for free!

Click here for rates / to book a room at the Trident

The Claridges, New Delhi

The Claridges is not just a wonderful place to stay, it’s also has a brilliant restaurant! The food here is absolutely delicious and what’s more, on some evenings they have fun puppet shows to entertain the guests. Your kids will love it!

The Claridges also has a beautiful pool and they provide fun activities like cookie baking.

Click here for rates / to book a room at the Claridges

Vivanta by Taj

The Vivanta by Taj hotel has something in store for everyone in the family! For kids, they have treasure hunts and movie screenings, for adults they have several activities such as barefoot dining by the pool, street-food-style cuisine and more.

One can also see craftsmen making pottery and bangle making, giving a perfect Indian cultural vibe to this place.

Click here for rates / to book a room at the Vivanta by Taj

The Oberoi, New Delhi

Oberoi hotels have fairly large rooms, which makes them the perfect place to stay for a family trip.

The Oberoi Hotels also provide lots of personal services, where the staff does everything in their power to welcome make the entire family feel welcome.

Furthermore, they go out of their way to help tourists understand more of the Indian culture. Altogether, your stay at an Oberoi Hotel will surely be a fabulous experience for the entire family.

Click here for rates / to book a room at the Oberoi in New Delhi

The Scarlette, New Delhi

The Scarlette is not a five-star hotel like some of the other recommendations below, rather, it is a very cozy guesthouse. The guesthouse is very homely and specially designed for families and their little ones.

In fact, the Scarlette was designed by a French expat and also has babysitting services, making this place a great option to stay.

Click here to book a room at the Scarlette

The Best Places to Eat in Delhi with Kids

Some of my favourite places to eat with little ones are listed below, but there are so many great food options in Delhi! Choose popular places so you know the food is fresh (lots of movement in dishes) rather than places that look empty, and if in doubt, you can choose the Thali when it comes to Indian food, as that is always freshly made.

If your kids are a bit more adventurous and you want to mix things up, a great option to consider is taking an Old Delhi food tour – your guide will take you to the best (and most hygienic) stalls so you can get a real taste of popular Indian snacks and cuisine.

Click here for my favourite Delhi food tour!

Cafe Delhi Heights

This place not only serves delicious food but is also a fun place for kids. Why? It has lots of games that your kids can enjoy! There are also books you can browse through during your visit.

Cafe Delhi Heights has several branches across Delhi and Gurgaon.

Fio Country Kitchen & Bar

Located on the south side of Delhi, this restaurant is decorated with fairy lights, making it a cute spot to visit. Although it’s considered a perfect place for a (first) date, families can also really enjoy this place as there are life performances and special gigs happening from time to time.

Rose Cafe, Said ul Ajaib

If you are looking for privacy and a cute little spot with lovely looking decorations, Rose Cafe is the place for you.

Here you can find cafe-esque food including Italian, Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine. It really is a perfect place in Delhi for dining with your family.

Lodhi – The Garden Restaurant, Lodhi Road

Finally, Lodhi Road is another place in Delhi which should not be missed! With amazing graffiti and a garden with architectural wonders, this place is on the wish-list of every traveler.

And, if you are exploring this side of the city, one can enjoy a great dinner in its Garden Restaurant.

Pro tip: this place organizes gigs from time to time, so it’s smart to give them a call and check if they have a table available before going.

Transport in Delhi – Getting Around Delhi with Kids

Delhi is very well connected and easy to get around! You can either travel around by bus or by Indian auto rickshaw.

If you are planning to get around by auto-rickshaw (a real cultural experience), make sure to agree upon a price before getting in to avoid being overcharged. There are no flat auto rates, bus rates, however, are fixed.

Another way of comfort travel is by taxis or cabOla and Uber are the most convenient ways to travel around. All you have to do is download their app.

Whenever you plan to move from one place to another, just type in your desired destination and a cab will be right there for you to pick you up!

Safe Family Travel in Delhi

Delhi at times can be overwhelming. It can be a real culture shock for tourists, with so much traffic, people or pollution at the same time. The sheer number of people (Delhi is home to over 20 million) can be overwhelming. For more on how to cope, check out my guide to dealing with culture shock in India here!

One important thing to remember is not to travel (late) at night. If you must travel during this time, it’s better to travel by Uber or Ola, or at least have a local guide with you.

Another safety measure to adopt is to wear your bag across your shoulder in a sideways position. Unfortunately pickpocketing is quite prominent in the crowded places.

That being said, if you take the right precaution, Delhi is a wonderful place to visit with children. You just have to get used to the idea of crowded places and how to go about it.

And always remember, traveling to India is like looking in a mirror, it will reflect what you expect to see.

Visiting Delhi with Kids – Conclusion

India is a place with varied cultures and mindsets. It will give you what you expect out of it. Enter the country and embrace it with open arms and it will for sure make you feel at home and loved.

And now that you can apply for an Indian visa online, there is nothing stopping you to plan a family vacation to this wonderful country.

India has invisible magic and despite its chaos, you will also be able to find warmth, kindness, and beauty in the people!

From the mountains of Ladakh, the Gardens of Bangalore, and the beautiful forts of Jaipur, India has something to offer for everybody, and it all starts or ends with Delhi.

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