train travel in India complete guide

Train travel in India has got to be one of the best experiences of journeying the subcontinent. Nothing quite beats sitting by a window, fresh chai in hand, enjoying the scenes of life that pass by. But, the Indian railways system is renowned for being overly complex and sometimes complicated – so we’re here to help set you … Read more

Night Train to… the Land Of Kings – Mumbai to Jaipur by Train

Mumbai to Jaipur train

For me there’s something inescapably romantic about the names of the train routes in India. Regardless of the reality of a long journey, it’s far more tempting to get swept away by names like the “Island Express”, the “Yoga Express” or the “Deccan Queen”. This time my train name was rather to the point, though: It … Read more

The Maitree Express: Kolkata to Dhaka by Train

kolkata to dhaka train - maitree express

This post includes compensated links. For more information please see our editorial policy.  From Kolkata to Dhaka by Train. Standing in the bustling and almost steaming waiting room of Kolkata (Calcutta)’s Railway Reservation Centre, it began to look like my dream of travelling out of India by train was not going to happen. It was … Read more