RAJASTHAN ITINERARY | Plan Your Perfect 7, 14 or 21 Day Trip!

Rajasthan Itinerary for 14 days

This Rajasthan Itinerary covers how to get the best out of your trip to India’s land of kings with the best places to visit, how to travel in Rajasthan, plus our tips for off-beat travel in Rajasthan and how to avoid the crowds!  This post contains compensated affiliate links. You can read our full disclosure over here.  Plan … Read more

How to get off the Beaten Track in Rajasthan, India

off beat Rajasthan

This post was originally written to accompany my talk at Immersion Travel Magazine’s Sustainable Travel Summit.¬†This post contains affiliate links. For more on affiliates please read my Editorial Policy. How to Avoid the Crowds on your Rajasthan Trip. Visiting India’s most touristed state, at the height of “tourist season” might not sound like the smartest … Read more

Night Train to… the Land Of Kings – Mumbai to Jaipur by Train

Mumbai to Jaipur train

For me there’s something inescapably romantic about the names of the train routes in India. Regardless of the reality of a long journey, it’s far more tempting to get swept away by names like the “Island Express”, the “Yoga Express” or the “Deccan Queen”. This time my train name was rather to the point, though: It … Read more

RAJASTHAN TRAVEL GUIDE | Best of Rajasthan without the Crowds

Rajasthan travel blog

Our complete guide to travel in Rajasthan! From princely and colourful cities to remote deserts, rural village life and tiger inhabited jungles. Make yourself comfortable for a good read of our Rajasthan travel blog – here’s everything you need to plan your perfect trip to Rajasthan.  This post contains compensated affiliate links. Find out more … Read more

Hacra, Osiyan: Your Alternative Rajasthan Desert Safari near Jodhpur

Rajasthan desert safari camp

Most people searching for a Rajasthan Desert Safari head straight to Jaisalmer, but there are better options away from the crowds, that allow a more genuine taste of desert life in Rajasthan… as I found out. Rajasthan Desert Safari near Jodhpur, Rajasthan Away from the crowds at Jaisalmer (which has a bit of a reputation … Read more