Panchakarma in Kerala: Lessons From My Ayurveda Experience in India

Panchakarma in Kerala, Ayurveda detox retreat

Looking for a Panchakarma retreat in Kerala can be hard work, in this post I share about my Ayurveda Panchakarma in Kerala experience and share tips for finding the right Kerala detox program for you!  This post contains compensated affiliate links. Read more in my disclosure here. Panchakarma in Kerala: My Panchakarma Review This is … Read more

Finding Soul in Rishikesh, India

soulful rishikesh

Experiencing an Ashram in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. In hindsight, it seems only fitting that the final stop on my Indian journey (this time at least) was Rishikesh. I’ve come to realise that part of what draws me back to India is that it is a country full of – and place for – seekers. If India … Read more