train travel in India complete guide

Train travel in India has got to be one of the best experiences of journeying the subcontinent. Nothing quite beats sitting by a window, fresh chai in hand, enjoying the scenes of life that pass by. But, the Indian railways system is renowned for being overly complex and sometimes complicated – so we’re here to help set you … Read more

India Travel Restrictions – Can I travel to India (Covid-19)?

travel restrictions to India from USA

Wondering what the latest India travel restrictions are and can you travel from overseas to India during Covid-19? The answer is probably yes but…. For a breakdown of the current rules and travel ban India has, read this guide for international travellers to India. This post may contain compensated affiliate links. More info in our disclosure here. … Read more

RAJASTHAN ITINERARY | Plan Your Perfect 7, 14 or 21 Day Trip!

Rajasthan Itinerary for 14 days

This Rajasthan Itinerary covers how to get the best out of your trip to India’s land of kings with the best places to visit, how to travel in Rajasthan, plus our tips for off-beat travel in Rajasthan and how to avoid the crowds!  This post contains compensated affiliate links. You can read our full disclosure over here.  Plan … Read more

Best India Group Tours Compared (2021)

India small group tours reviews

Trying to decide where to visit in India and which is the best India group tour for you can be overwhelming – this sprawling subcontinent has more than its share of places you’d want to experience – so to help you choose India small group tour itinerary that’s right for you, here are our favourite … Read more

The Best Places to Visit in India – For Every Month!

Best places to visit in India guide

Wondering where the best places to visit in India are for different times of the year? Most visitors come to India during winter, but there are plenty of places to explore if you need to travel to India during summer, autumn/fall or spring, too! Here are our tips for the best places to visit, whenever … Read more